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Whether monoculture, high production demands, climate issues or degraded soils, silicon provides unique, multifaceted beneficial effects in assisting turf in dealing with stress. Silicon is also proven to increase:

  • Plant Cell Wall Strength
  • Photosynthesis
  • Flood Tolerance
  • Drought & Salt Tolerance
  • High & Low Temperature Tolerance
  • Carbon Sequestration

    Sigma Si with Ignimbrite Si14 InsideTM guarantees a natural source of plant available silicon in the form of an amorphous potassium mineral with a soft, porous, structure in variable particle sizes that weatherize easily, providing immediate and gradual release of Silicic Acid. The magnified image in the selection above reveals highly porous structure. Other benefits of Ignimbrite Si14 InsideTM include:


    • Conditions and improves soil texture
    • Neutral pH and potassium silicate chemistry allows for application on soils where like is not required and high sodium or aluminum is an issue
    • No shelf life limitations, easy to apply, and does not polymerize
    • Adjuvant that reduces nitrogen volatility and improves phosphorus availability
    • Non-Crystalline structure with duel Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic properties
    • High Cation exchange capacity increases absorption and adsorption capabilities
    • 3.5 on the MOHS hardness scale allows mineral to easily break down with weathering
    • Chemical free, does not burn plants, and is OMRI Listed


    Available Packaging:

    2000 LB. TOTES (907 KG), 50 LB. POLYETHYLENE BAGS (22.68 KG), OR BULK LOAD

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